Zipulls are Cole Alpine Manufacturing’s unique version of zipper pulls.  Color-code your zippers for fast recognition, never fumble around for a small pull tab again, and be sure to check Zipulls with reflective cord – easy to find in the dark!



NEW iGlow Zipulls.  We can now supply the fobs on our Zipulls as either standard black or a Ghost Green iGlow.  Attaching iGlow Zipulls to camping items such as tent zippers, flashlights, canteens, etc., makes locating these items at night no longer a frustrating experience. We have also integrated the iGlow fob into our cord tensioner system, where it worked in partnership with the reflective cord to give excellent night illumination. This product has also found a home on boat cover zippers.



Zipull with Reflective Cord.   The reflective cord makes these Zipulls easy to locate with a headlamp or flashlight.  Attach one to anything you want to find quickly in the dark.  The USA-made cordage comes in black, orange, blue, and yellow.  These Zipulls are sold in packs of four of each color.


Standard Zipull.  For those who want a simple Zipull, here you go!  These elegant Zipulls are accessories that every jacket, pack zipper, and duffle bag should have.The USA-made cordage comes in, black, blue, green, yellow, and olive drab.  These Zipulls are sold in packs of four of each color.


 For the convenience of retailers, both of the Zipulls are available in packages of four, in half-gallon jars holding 250 Zipulls, or in quart jars holding 120 Zipulls.