Ever Have a Problem Seeing your Luggage on the Carousel?
Not if You Use Smarter Traveler Accessories.


Attach a Zipull to anything that needs a pull or to be located! Comes with regular or reflective cordage. Available with a black or glow-in-the-dark fob that can be seen at night.   Smartpulls are our regular Zipulls packaged for the traveler. They come in several colors, reflective patterns, and even an iGlow glow-in-the-dark version. Smartpulls are easily attached to any zipper on your roll-aboard or backpack luggage.

In the development of our Smart Traveler Belt we asked ourselves, “what does the modern Traveler need in a belt?” Ease of adjustment, both while standing and sitting. Ease and speed of release, especially while in a panicked hurry because of a full bladder or loose bowels. No metal parts to make it security friendly. Easy to clean if needed. Comfortable for long wear. How to accomplish all of this without compromising any of it, that was the question?

Many years ago – indeed, decades ago – sports belts were just a piece of webbing with two D’s sewn on.  Then some designer started using another type of buckle and the market went for it.  In my opinion, the market went in the wrong direction.  The Double D’s allowed easy adjustment and threading.  I have often thought back to the original design with nostalgia.  We also asked ourselves how could it be improved? What was lacking in the original and could it be improved without taking away the advantages of the original?  Our answer:  The Smart Traveler Sports Belt.