Smart Traveler Sports Belt

 Many years ago – indeed, decades ago – sports belts were just a piece of webbing with two D’s sewn on.  Then some designer started using another type of buckle and the market went for it.  In my opinion, the market went in the wrong direction.  The Double D’s allowed easy adjustment and threading.  I have often thought back to the original design with nostalgia

We also asked ourselves how could it be improved? What was lacking in the original and could it be improved without taking away the advantages of the original?  Our answer:  the Smart Traveler Sports Belt.

First, why just one length? Yes, you could always cut it shorter, but how many people would actually do that? How many were simply turned off, or not need a belt shorter, but longer? For this reason we make them in four lengths, 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72”.


The next question was why just 1” width, most belt loops are 1 ¼”? Most are satisfied with the 1” width, but the 1 ¼” does give both a more secure and more comfortable fit. The 1” width comes in multiple colors including black while the 1 ¼” comes only in black. We decided to offer both widths.

Next, we needed the right parts and material.

For the belt itself, we chose 7400 Nylon. This is heavy-duty nylon with a very good feel to it. It is supple but will not bunch up, and it will give years of life and remain perfectly comfortable.

For the D’s we chose D-Rings because they are more substantial. The webbing flow’s better through them, allowing easier adjustment. We call this Performance Matching.

Finally it was time to make them.

For cutting the material, we use a hot knife so it would not unravel, and on the end you thread we use an angle cut to make it easier to thread.  For the stitch point, crucially important but often overlooked, we use a Box-X pattern which spreads the sewing over a larger area than a simple bar tack. Thus makes it so the end of the webbing near the D-Rings lies flat and will not dig into as could happen with a bar tack.

We now have a product we are both pleased and proud of.