Smart Traveler Belt


Cole Alpine Manufacturing is pleased to announce its newest product, the Smart Traveler Belt.  This product will be marketed under our Smart Traveler brand.  It was developed from our successful Sport Belt, which is marketed directly under our Cole Alpine Mfg name.

In the development of this belt we asked ourselves, “what does the modern Traveler need in a belt?” Ease of adjustment, both while standing and sitting. Ease and speed of release, especially while in a panicked hurry because of a full bladder or loose bowels. No metal parts to make it security friendly. Easy to clean if needed. Comfortable for long wear. How to accomplish all of this without compromising any of it, that was the question?

We started with our Double D-Ring Sport Belt. This gave us the ease of adjustment, no metal parts, synthetic materials and comfortable. We were more then half way to our goal. The ease of release looked easy, but there were problems. If we just replaced the Double D-Rings with a Side Release Buckle we would end up with a belt that was difficult to adjust. To make it easy to adjust we could use a lighter belting material but it would bunch up making it uncomfortable. It was time to reflect both ways on the problem.
ST_Belt_2Yes, it was suddenly obvious. Use both the Side Release Buckle and the D-Rings in Tandem. One would give us the ease of adjustment and the other would give us ease of Release. The heavy nylon webbing would give good support and comfort and be easy to clean, just put it in a washing machine along with the rest of your cloths. You could even just leave it on your pants for convenience. The heavy duty D-Ring allow excellent flow of the webbing for easy adjustment.

It comes in four lengths, 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72” and a dozen colors, Black, Red, Blue, Forest Green, Yellow, Burgundy, Purple, White, Silver, Navy Blue, Green.

Our goal with this belt was to make simply a belt for travel. Not a belt with hidden pockets, or other bells and whistles. If you want a belt, pure and simple, for travel, this is it.