Sail Ties & Deck Lashes

Buckle and Handle Sail Tie

Our Buckle and Handle Sail Ties are unique.  No other sail tie is easier to use.  They are also the highest quality sail tie on the market.  The side-release buckle makes release a simple squeeze.  To fasten, put the tie around the sail, snap the buckle together, grab the handle with one hand, the knob with the other, and pull tight.  The knob makes accidental back-threading nearly impossible.  Never again worry about threading a buckle in the dark or — heaven forbid — losing half the buckle!  The buckle and the strap are Performance Matched to work perfectly with each other; all sewing is polyester/Dacron thread.

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Eye and Knob Sail Tie

For those who want a traditional sail tie, here you go!  This sail tie has a sewn eye on one end, and a knob on the other.  That’s it!  To use, wrap the strap around the sail, pull the knob through the eye, pull tight, and secure with a simple overhand knot.