Mission Statement


What word defines a Cole Alpine product?  Uncompromised.  Let us tell you what that means.

Developing a product begins with a great idea, but the design is driven by innovative concepts discovered along the way.  During this phase we are also seeking materials and parts.  For the quality we demand, we look for suppliers who are recognized leaders in their industry, and they often have useful suggestions.

All parts must work well together — a simple idea, but one too often ignored.  We call it “Performance Matched”.  For example, once we choose a buckle, we look for webbing that works best with that buckle and vice versa.  We are then ready for Real World Testing, which is done in-house as well as by experts in the field.  All comments and evaluations are considered.  We next make a finished prototype, and only then do we make the important decision:  Is it ready for customers?  If so, we begin manufacturing.  All sewing, final assembly, production, and packaging is done at our facility in Keyport, Washington.   Here, every item is personally inspected to assure total quality control.

And when we are satisfied that every detail of the product is uncompromised -– it has been meticulously designed, made of the best parts and materials, and personally assembled and quality checked.  That’s why Cole Alpine products are the finest quality available.  Your satisfaction is assured.