Fine Accessory Products for the Recreational Boater and Shellfish Harvester


Sail Ties
Our Sail Ties come in two designs: the long-used and proven lash with a loop but with our own unique twist, and our deluxe buckle with handle.  Both are made with proven Performance Matched parts.


Our Accessory Straps are the fine Cole Alpine Manufacturing straps.  Designed for the backpacker/hiker, but have many uses on any boat.



Our Zipulls are also sold under the Cole Alpine Manufacturing brand.  Zipulls are available with reflective cord and glow-in-the-dark fobs.  Never again fumble at night looking for a zipper, flashlight., ignition key, or emergency beacon!



Products soon to be released

Our Deck Lashes are designed to fasten all manner of gear on the deck and cabin top of your boat.  Our Hangers hold items over the side of a boat from cleats or lifelines.

Shellfish Harvesting Accessories.  We make the finest shellfish Trap Harnesses out there…. please check out our full line.  We also make an excellent Live Bag to hold shellfish in the water while at anchor.  In many cases our Live Bag can eliminate the need for a live tank and its circulation pump