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P1010398  Cole Alpine Manufacturing is pleased to announce its newest product.  Our handrail lash is sold under the Keyport Recreational Marine Product label.

Our handrail lash will help secure items to the outside of a boat, usually the cabin top.  Our design goals were to keep it simple, durable, unobtrusive, and to avoid damaging or marring any bright work.



There are nearly as many ways of attaching items to a boat as there are boaters.  Some like elastic.
Our solution is a lash that passes around the handrail and then can be easily attached to a hook, karabiner, or knot — keeping well away from bright work.  To release, simply undo the fastener and leave the lash on the handrail ready for its next use.  The basic design is a lash comprised of two large eyes at each end that meet in the middle, which gives maximum flexibility of use.  We selected ¾” 7400 nylon webbing; it is very strong, has high abrasion resistance, and a good supple feel.  Sewing strength is important, so we use a box-X pattern and nylon thread.  To protect the thread from the elements and abuse, we encapsulate the entire sewn area inside a piece of adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing.  Our handrail lashes will give many years of use., some like static lines.  Just the attachment method is broad — karabiners, hooks, or simple knot-tying.  We set out to make something everyone could use as intermediary between their preferred fastening method and the handrail itself.  Most handrails have two problems. First, they are easily marred or gouged by metal or plastic fasteners.  Second, there is limited room under them to pass a cord, especially one with attached hooks or karabiners.


Sailboats often have belaying pins on which sailors hang lines, and we make two lengths of our handrail lash which will hold a coiled sheet or landing line on a belaying pin.  In this application more is most definitely not better.  Our standard length supports a coiled line as used by most sailboats up to 40’.  The longer length is suitable for larger coils of line on bigger boats.

The standard length (15”) will retail at $14.50 per pair and the longer ones (21”) at $16.25 per pair.

Cole Alpine has sold more than three million outdoor recreational accessories in the past 30 years.  We design, manufacture, and package every item that we sell at our Keyport, Washington, facility.  Visit us at and at our eBay store Cole Alpine Mfg.

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Keyport Recreational Marine Products



Cole Alpine Manufacturing announces the launch of two new products under the Keyport Recreational Marine Products brand name.  Both secure a dropped sail to the boom.For a traditional sail tie, a clean, affordable design that does not compromise quality or function.  It is a 3/4″ black polypropylene webbing with a sewn loop on one end, and added a sewn fob on the other end.  The loop allows you to tie a simple slipknot, while the fob makes it easier to find a hold the other end as a the strap is passed around the boom.  Available in three lengs: 4′, 6′, and 8′.The second sail tie has added bells and whistles.  This sail tie has a “handle” and a side-release buckle.  The buckle is for conveinece, but to tighten the tie we added a sewn “handle”.  Pass the strap around the sail and boom, snap the buckle together, grab the handle with one hand and the hob at the end of the strap with the other, and pull.  It’s tight!  The fob prevents the strap from back-threading off the buckle.  To release, simply unclip the buckle.  There is 48Northno knot to tie, so 1″ nylon web is used.  The three lengths are also color-coded.  The 3′ is yellow, the 5′ green, and the 7′ blue.  Dacron thread is used for all sewing.

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June 2013
Page 30