Cole Alpine Mfg. is pleased to announce iGlow, its new glow-in-the-dark items as part of our product line. This material will glow all night long from a single recharge of 1-2 hours of ambient light, unlike most other glow-in-the-dark products that last just a couple of hours. To find this material, we looked all over the world. Only one supplier could consistently meet our needs and they were right here in the USA. We call this exclusive CAM product iGlow.


iGlow_zipullsWe can now supply the fobs on our Zipulls as either standard black or a Ghost Green iGlow.  Attaching iGlow Zipulls to camping items such as tent zippers, flashlights, canteens, etc., makes locating these items at night no longer a frustrating experience. We have also integrated the iGlow fob into our cord tensioner system, where it worked in partnership with the reflective cord to give excellent night illumination. This product has also found a home on boat cover zippers.


iGlow_barrelA second item we are offering made from iGlow material is the iGlow Barrel Lock. Besides their obvious use securing the draw cords of storage bags, the barrel locks can be easily attach to any cord where it is desirable to provide a better night presence.



iGlow_buckleOur third item molded from iGlow material is the iGlow 1″ Side-Release Buckle.  This buckle can be supplied as a stand-alone product, used to replace exiting buckles on backpacks and accessory straps, or purchased for accessory straps where the webbing is available in various lengths and colors.


These products are all immediately available in small or large quantities. Cole Alpine Mfg. is proudly a USA company.  These items as well as many of our other CAM products are manufactured and assembled at our Keyport facility.