Heavy-Duty Double-Bar Accessory Straps


Heavy-Duty Double-Bar Accessory Straps feature an Acetal Heavy Duty Double-Bar buckle, Box-X sewing for added durability, an angle cut for easy threading, and polypropylene webbing.  Again we have taken great care in Performance Matching these units.  Polypropylene webbing is a thicker and more coarsely woven material, which makes it inadvisable to use with most other buckles.  But the ACW Heavy Duty Double-Bar works flawlessly with polypropylene webbing, allowing us to offer a high quality yet inexpensive accessory strap. These straps come in three lengths (24”, 40”, and 60”) and are available individually or packaged in pairs.  

HDStrap_4508 HDStrap_4510 HDStrap_4516
HDStrap_4521 HDStrap_4520