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Handrail Lash

What is the purpose of a handrail lash?  To provide links between two handrails or eye straps and tie-down straps (such as bungee cords).  Our lashes will not mar bright-work, easily pass under low-profile handrails and eye straps, and can be left unobtrusively on handrails when not in use.


Materials are the best available: #7400 nylon webbing, bonded nylon thread for strength, and adhesive-lined heat shrink placed over the stitching to provide total protection.  Workmanship also meets our high standards: the nylon web is heat-cut to prevent fraying and sewing is Box-X for added strength.  Design is simple and elegant:  a strap with a large eye at each end and a single sew point in the center.

Our lashes will provide years of continuous duty — some early prototypes are still going strong after 10 years of service securing kayaks, crab or shrimp pots, fishing poles and other gear to cabin tops.

To use a set of lashes, pass the end of one lash under the handrail and through the eye on the other end and pull until it’s secure; repeat on the opposite handrail or grab point with the second lash.  Simply hook the bungee cord or other tie-down strap to the lashes and you’re good to go!

The lashes are also used to hang lines off belaying pins on sailboats.

We make our handrail lashes in two lengths, both sold in sets of two.  It’s always best to use the shortest length that serves the purpose.  Our yellow medium lash is suitable for most applications.  The blue long lash is intended primarily for larger sailboats (over 40 ‘) that require hanging large hanks of line on belaying pins.P1010448

Disclaimer: Never use these lashes for a high-load, high-impact purpose, such as towing a dingy, or to secure any boat to a dock.  These lashes are intended solely for marine applications and are not suitable for automotive uses.