About Us


Boat_and_waterfall Some 30 years ago, Cole Alpine Mfg. was born in the foothills of the Washington Cascades.  We had a novel idea of providing traction to a snowshoe frame and set out to make the best snowshoe ever.  Did we succeed?  Certainly our concept did –- it has been copied and incorporated in many snowshoes manufactured today.

In the following years, we designed and made many products — many were marketed successfully and others not.  The list is long: snowshoes, accessory straps, sternum straps, day packs, cross-country ski knickers, sleeping bag storage sacks, crampon wraps, crampon straps, compression bags, bike cuffs, and zipper pulls among others.  During those years we learned valuable lessons and formulated some rules.  Rule 2:  All parts must work together — we call this Performance Matched.  Rule 3:  The product must be easy to use, almost intuitive.  Rule 4:  Listen to others (especially those that disagree).  Rule 5:  Never compromise on design quality, parts and materials, workmanship, or quality control.  Some lessons we had to learn more the once, but for 30 years Cole Alpine Manufacturing has designed, manufactured, and supplied more then three million sports accessories to retail markets, ranging from small ma-and-pop shops to major international retailers such as REI.

On 2003 we moved our facility to the small town of Keyport, Washington, on the shores of Puget Sound.  Here we continue the process of designing, developing, and manufacturing new and innovative products.  New products we expect to introduce this year include cord tensioners for backpacking tents, wall tents, and drying lines for camping, zipper pulls that both reflect and glow, and tent stakes.  We are also enthusiastic about our new line of Recreational Marine products, which includes sail ties, deck lashes, crab and shrimp pot harnesses, live bags, and goody bags.  This is only a sample of the products that are under active development.

And here is Rule 1:  Always deal with a company spokesman you can talk to directly -– someone with hands-on experience with the equipment and supplies you require.  Adhering to this rule is why the vast majority of the design, parts, and labor in our products has always originated right here in the USA.  We do not intend to change Rule 1, ever.